Rules & regulations


The following house rules apply. When you enter the event area you automatically agree to these house rules. 

On entering the site you agree to be filmed and / or photographed during the event and you agree that the images can be broadcasted on TV / internet and can be used by the organisers even for promotional purposes.


You must be able to identify yourself at the request of the organisation or a member of staff. If you cannot hand over valid passport, identity card or driving license, you will be denied access to the event. 

Access control

Every person entering the event may be checked when entering the tournament grounds. It is permitted to request that the inspection be carried out by a member of the same sex. The complete refusal of the control will result in access being denied.

This check is set to protect all visitors, guests, employees, sportsmen and artists in connection with general safety.

Follow directions and instructions

Instructions and directions from the (security) personnel must be followed immediately. In case of suspicion of a fact that is prohibited on the tournament grounds, security may search the suspect. The refusal of a security check will result in you being removed from the tournament grounds.

It is forbidden

  • to smoke on the event grounds as the complete grounds are a smoke free area. It is forbidden by law to drink alcohol under the age of 18. By participating in the tournament or by being present as a visitor, agreement is automatically given at random age check by means of the obligatory presentation of the proof of identity. The organisation reserves the right to remove offenders from the tournament;
  • to enter the event area under the influence of alcohol or drugs. A person found intoxicated will be denied access;
  • to enter the tournament area with food, (alcoholic) drinks, glassware, (plastic) bottles, cans, objects with discriminatory and / or provocative texts and / or expressions, stabbing, fire or impact weapons or other objects that could be used as weapons, items that may negatively affect the safety, health or well-being of the visitors, spray cans, sprayers, fireworks, flares, means of transport. If in doubt, contact us;
  • to sell or offer goods for sale on and / or around the tournament grounds and parking lots without the permission of the organiser;
  • to distribute flyers, to place posters and / or banners or to carry out other promotional activities without the permission of the organisation on and / or around the tournament grounds and the parking areas;

Own risk

Entering the tournament grounds is at your own risk. The organiser cannot be held liable for any injury and / or material damage or immaterial damage that the visitors of the location and / or the tournament might experience.

Other situations

In situations where the house rules do not provide, the organisation decides on possible measures to be taken. The decision of the organisation on this matter is binding.


Playing rules

All Games will be played in accordance with the laws of the Czech rugby union (ČSRU) and of the World rugby (WR) including the SEVEN-A-SIDE VARIATIONS

  1. All games will have a playing duration of 7 minutes each way with a one minute interval at half time, including the final.
  2. Extra Time. In all knock-out matches where the scores are equal at the end of playing time, SIX-A-SIDE extra time will be played. The first team to score (try, free throw, DG or PK) during extra time wins the match (sudden death or „Golden Score“) and the match ends. The referee will organize a coin toss at the start of extra time and the team that wins the toss decides which direction they will play or to kick-off. Extra time is played in 5 minute halves, after which teams switch sides without a halftime break.
  3. Substitution of players. During any game a maximum of five players on each side may be replaced through injury or interchange. Replacements are made only when the ball is dead and only with the permission of the referee. Replaced players may return to play only under the condition stipulated by WR laws of the game – seven-a-side variations. 
  4. Red Cards and Yellow Cards. A player sent off by a referee will not play again during the same day. It will be at the discretion of the Tournament Organising Committee to exclude him from playing following matches. A yellow card will result in the player being excluded from the pitch for 2 minutes.
  5. Late Arrival. When a team arrives too late for the kick-off the match they will forfeit the match. The referee will decide when the team is “too late”. The team that fails to arrive on time will be deemed to have lost the game 35-0 (5 converted tries).
  6. Match Ball. Each team must provide a match ball for each match.
  7. Touch Judge. Each team must provide a touch judge for each match if there are no touch judges supplied by the organisation.

Player registration

  1. Age Limit. All players must be 18 years old or older at the time of the tournament unless permission is given by, the organising committee.
  2. Only Registered Players can play. Up to 12 players can be registered for a team. Players must be registered by presenting a filled form before the tournament starts. For each player the name and date of birth must be filled in. No player can be registered for more than one team at a time. The list of registered players will be available to the referee on the match card. This can be checked by either team captain.
  3. Additional Registered Players. When a team has less than 12 players registered they can register an Additional Player or Players during the tournament by an application presented to the Tournament Organising Committee. Players already registered for one team cannot register as an Additional Player for another team. Any transfer of players has to be approved by the Tournament Organising Committee before the player can play.
  4. If a team suspects that the opposition is playing an unregistered player it is their duty to report this to the referee immediately and not wait for the result of the game. If the challenge is upheld (the referee has a list of the registered players for each team on his match card) then the referee will ensure the player does not take any further part in the match and report it to the organising committee.

Format of the tournament

  1. Each team plays 5 matches.
  2. In the pools the standing is determined upon the following criteria (in the given order):
    • Highest number of points. In the pools a victory is worth 2 points, a draw worth 1 point and a defeat no point.
    • Higher number of tries scored.
    • Lower number of tries conceded.
    • More points scored (including kicks).
    • Less points conceded.
    • Less red cards.
    • Less yellow cards.
    • Toss of coin.

Organising committee

  1. The committee makes the schedules for the referees.
  2. If a situation arises where neither the laws of the game nor the regulations of the tournament above provide a solution the Tournament Organising Committee will decide.


All participants must respect rules and regulations of the Event for the games as well as healthy conditions, laws and regulations valid in Prague and the Czech Republic. Every team and individual undertakes to be sufficiently insured for injury, damages, loss, etc., and any other eventuality resulting from their participation in the Event or from their stay in the Czech Republic, either during the games or at any other event organized whether part of the Event Package or an optional programme. Organizing Committee and any persons involved in the organization of the Event will not be liable for any injuries,
illness, loss, theft, damages or other arising from their participation in the Event or during their stay in the Czech Republic. All participants fully agree with these Terms of Conditions and oblige to respect and keep them.